More and more seniors are moving to the Klamath Basin, either for summer residences to escape more restrictive summer climates found in the southern regions of the country, or as permanent year-round solutions to overpopulation in urban centers to the south. Klamath is a small city with the relaxed friendly soul of rural America. Its temperate climate, pleasantly-defined seasons, lack of traffic, clean air and water, and the vital community spirit are becoming more and more attractive to those looking for a change as they approach their golden years. Below you’ll find a few reasons why Klamath has become such an enticing option for this crowd.

Keeping Active

The key to a long life is… living it! Coming to a close-knit, vibrant community such as Klamath is a fantastic way to cultivate a fullness of life. The relaxed pace of a smaller, rurally-rooted city, opens the eyes of many to be able to enjoy the simple little treasures that seem to get drowned out by the freeways and hustle of the larger population center. A relaxed pace doesn’t mean that Klamath isn’t awash in engaging activities; a sampling of which can be found below. For a broader selection, please refer to our Out and About: Things To Do section


It has been said the brain is just a big muscle, if you don’t keep exercising it, it will atrophy and eventually fail. While perhaps not completely accurate, the concept still stands. Klamath Basin is home to two public colleges that offer complete tuition waivers for those 65 and over: Oregon Institute of Technology (visit and Klamath Community College (visit, and the Oregon State University extension office also offers a series of community horticulture classes (visit Extension. Retirement can be a time to learn new and exciting things, whether you’re interested in taking a photography class or catching up on your applied differential equations, get ready to do it tuition-free. Additionally, Klamath is the lucky recipient of community health education due to the world famous Blue Zones initiative taking place here (visit Klamath’s flourishing Senior Center and large public library are also known for their offerings for personal enrichment classes.


In addition to a wide assortment of exercise clubs – many of which offer low impact workout options such as water aerobics and pickleball (see website for more information) – the Klamath Basin Senior Center offers a variety of programs designed to boost your physical and mental well-being, such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong, Stay Active, Balance & Stability, and Yoga.

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