Education matters, and in Klamath Falls, there are opportunities for all kinds of learners; with schooling available starting with 3-4 year old preschools and continuing through higher education. In addition to our public county and city schools, parents and students have the choice of several private and charter schools, as well as a strong homeschooling community. With these educational opportunities, everyone in the Klamath Basin can benefit, as they have access to various career training paths, as well as classes to meet differing academic levels. Several local high schools have won the Oregonian Cup in previous years, awarded for excellence in academics, activities, athletics and sportsmanship. Additionally, most if not all of our local high schools offer dual credit through Klamath Community College (KCC) and Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT). This excellent opportunity allows students to get a head start on college classes at a much lower cost. Klamath Falls also offers several daycares and preschools, easing the stress for working parents while also giving children a jump on early education. Between county, city, private and charter schools, Klamath County has 21 elementary schools, 11 middle schools, and 12 high schools. Between KCC and OIT, there are a total of 36 bachelor degree programs, 25 associate degree programs, 34 pathway certificate programs, and six pre-professional programs (pre-dental, pre-pharmacy, etc)