As mentioned earlier, Klamath Falls sees 300 days of sunshine a year! It is not surprising to see rain, snow, or hail (or a combination of the three) in a single day here, but you will almost always see the sun as well 

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Average Temperature

Klamath Falls experiences fluctuation in the weather throughout the year. You can expect that nights will be chillier year-round (low averages in the winter are around 20, and less than 50 in the summer). Average winter daytime temperatures are between 30-40 degrees. The weather will warm slowly but steadily from January through June. The temperature will climb more and finally peak around the end of July to early August, where you will see temperatures around 85. Then the weather will begin cooling again from August through the fall, usually hitting its lowest temperature when winter actually begins in late December.


Klamath Falls sees lower averages for precipitation than the US average: Dancing around an average of 2 inches per day in late November through mid-January, and declining throughout the spring.


How much does it snow here? Some would say “too much,” and others would argue “not enough!” You can expect snow anytime between October-April. It will snow the most in the winter months, with an average monthly accumulative snowfall of 3.8 inches in November, 9.1 inches in December, and 12.1 inches in January.


It is dry here! Klamath Falls is below the national average for most of the year in the category of humidity. It is much closer to the national average in the winter months, but in the summer months, afternoon humidity dips way down to as low as 25% (national average at that time is close to 75%). This “dry heat” makes summer heat much more bearable! 

(All above information is from: City-Data .com/City/Klamath-FallsOregon .html)