Klamath Falls is known as Oregon’s City of Sunshine, and for good reason. On average, Klamath has over 300 days of sunshine per year. Additionally, Klamath enjoys a variety of weather with winter temperatures occasionally reaching the negatives, while summer highs can be in the low hundreds. Cool-to-warm springs, hot and dry summers, and temperate, sunny autumns provide ample opportunity to be outdoors enjoying the many parks, hiking trails, rivers and lakes surrounding Klamath. Winter also provides outdoor activities with an average annual snowfall of 63 inches. Many Klamath residents enjoy bundling up for snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice skating, skiing and more. Whether you are a non-driver or simply want to save on gas, Klamath Falls Basin Transit Service runs all throughout the Basin. In addition, there are designated bike lanes on many of the main roads, as well as paved jogging and biking paths throughout the city. Klamath offers many options for physical fitness including gyms, swimming pools, martial arts, dance, yoga, and rock climbing, to name a few. The shopping scene consists of antiques, boutiques, consignment stores and several chain clothing stores. The closest shopping mall is located 80 miles west of Klamath in Medford, OR. As a city, Klamath Falls has a small town feel. Shop owners can often greet visitors by name, neighbors are generally friendly, and most any in-town destination can be reached in a 10-15 minute car ride. This community is also known for its generous nature. When there is a worthy cause, whether it’s investing in local youth or raising funds for medical bills, Klamath Falls is quick to rally around its own.