Our golden years can be defined by rest,
joy, purpose and fulfillment as we finally
get that chance to pursue the passions
that were once drowned out by the
frenzy of middle age, but they can also
be years full of new challenges. Klamath
has a wide offering of programs that offer
Seniors assistance in navigating them.

Senior Center
2045 Arthur St. / 541.883.7171
Offers a wide range of activities, classes
and services including meal delivery,
tax help, Medicare help, mental health
assistance (partnering with Klamath
Basin Behavioral Health), dances, social
gatherings, books and periodical, health
and exercise classes, and much more.

Spokes Unlimited
1006 Main St. / 541.883.7547
Private not-for-profit, community-based
center for independent living, assisting
people with a wide variety of disabilities
so they can get back to happy, selfsufficient lives.

Klamath and Lake Counties
Council on Aging
404 Main St. / 541.205.5400
Seeks to meet the immediate needs
of Seniors in the Klamath Basin and
surrounding communities, encouraging
a maximum amount of self-help and
independence. Services include legal,
home help, care-giver relief, medical case
management, and nutrition.