Klamath Falls BMX
3868 Anderson Ave. / 541.591.9756
Look us up on Facebook and Instagram Klamath is home to a USA BMX track and very active racing community. Track open to people of all-ages with many racing classes available for different experience levels. The racing season runs from mid-May through Nov.

Zip Line

Crater Lake ZipLine
29840 Hwy. 140 W / 541.892.9477
Oregon’s epic zipline adventure! See stunning views of the Upper Klamath Lake Basin on Oregon’s longest zipline which are sure to challenge and inspire you. Fly through the trees on nine ziplines, walk on two sky bridges, rappel twice, and make new friends as you conquer the course.


Klamath County Dreamland Skate Park
4500 Foothills Blvd.
At 22,500 sq. ft. this Dreamland Park is one of the largest in Oregon and ideal for those who love transition. Located in Steen Sports Park.


For the parts of the year when the mountain wilderness surrounding Klamath becomes a winter wonderland, the snowmobile becomes the powered vehicle of choice for many adventureseekers. For a peek at some of the trails and parks around the area, visit

Klamath Basin Snowdrifters

4500 Foothills Blvd.
541.892.0182 /
Klamath Basin Snowdrifters A non-profit snowmobile club for people who love snowmobiling and desire to share their passion in a community of like-minded individuals. This grooming club hosts frequent rides, parties, play days, charitable endeavors, and much more.

& More

Downhill, Motocross and OHV 
Situated on the unique geologic features of the Cascades there are extensive opportunities for those thrill-seeking downhillers and motocross. With many routes cut into the steep chalky hillsides that encroach into east-center of town. Our cycling section also has information on many trails that have moderate to technical downhill sections. A 150-mile jaunt across the eastern high desert will take you to the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes, an 18 sq. mile Shangri-La for those who love to go play in the sand. Klamath‘s proximity to 1,000‘s of miles of USFS and BLM roads and make it ideal to those who want to go explore the wild west on the back of an OHV.

Klamath Sportsman’s Park
4X4 Obstacle course, MX track featuring sharp lips, long table tops and some epic doubles!