North Hills

The North Hills neighborhood is split into two parts. Upper North Hills is situated on the side of Hogback and offers perhaps the best views of the Basin, from Stukel Mountain on the southeast side of town to Lake Ewauna downtown, to Mount Shasta in the far distance. North Hills is a newer neighborhood with room to grow, featuring well-manicured yards, nice sidewalks, and a lot of Klamath sunshine. Just across Foothills Boulevard is the lower section of North Hills, much of which consists of well-kept townhomes and apartments. The single-family homes are similar to those on the hillside, minus the complete view of the Basin. Both sides of North Hills are well connected by main roads that will quickly and easily connect to both uptown and downtown Klamath. Additionally, Steen Sports Park is just down the street, as is a paved bike and jogging path.